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In January 2024 Veselka Vasileva and XoroTroptzi took on a new ​challenge and started a podcast - “After the horo with Vesi” in which the ​members from the ensemble gather together and discuss topics that ​excite us. Vesi also meets with and has interviews with a variety of ​memorable guests from the Bulgarian community in Los Angeles and ​San Diego.

We hope you would be captivated and listen to what they have to say.

We would be happy, if you subscribe and support our channel and our ​ensemble.

New Years Resolutions - 2024

It is time to make an assessment of what we have accomplished in ​2023 and in what areas we failed. Let’s talk about the upcoming ​year and the changes we want to incorporate to improve ourselves.

Interview with Vesi - guest professor Dr. Anton Andonov

Our first guest is a choreographer and a ballet master Anton ​Andonov. Let's find out how he chose his profession or it chose him.

Wine and Love - gathering with Vesi and XoroTroptzi

In this podcast we get together to drink some wine and talk about ​St. Valentine and Tryphon Zarezan. Which holiday do we celebrate ​in America and how. And also - is love aging better than wine?

Interview with Vesi - guest Nina Herceg

Vesi's guest this time is her sister Nina Herceg, who is a nurse in San ​Diego. She talks about her journey to America and her mission trips ​to Africa.

Interview with Vesi - guest Emil Marinov

Find out how Emil ended up in San Diego from Bulgaria, what he ​went through and how he discovered Yoga and what is the device ​he uses to measure our aura.

XoroTroptzi make Challah bread for Orthodox Easter

Make Easter Challah bread (Kozunak) with XoroTroptzi. We have ​two options for you - standard and vegan. For everyone who wants ​to try it - this recipe is very successful and you won't regret it. Enjoy!

Interview with Vesi - guest Boyko Hristov

This time our guest is the Consul General of Bulgaria in Los Angeles ​- Boyko Hristov. A very interesting conversation in which we find ​out more about our Consul General, his work and his family. Enjoy!

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